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Televangelist Says Alien impersonated Husband and Attempted to Sex Her

Yeah, this sounds like someone has to lay off the sleeping pills. Sharon Gilbert is a self-proclaimed author and science reporter that writes books in the genre of Historical "Faction". I do not know where "Faction" falls on the scale of fiction and nonfiction but from the sound of it, it's "Facts" with fiction without the fic.

I tend to not watch programming that is obviously trying to sell me something but if this story is my first introduction to "Faction" I am all in. I mean that's entertainment! I am trying to gauge if she actually thinks her husband was being imitated by an alien or she is motivated by money to scare people into buying whatever the hell she is selling. If she actually believes that and had an actual experience I 100% think we should call the cops on her husband for trying to mess with her while giving her hallucinogens of some sort.

I honestly have been going through this woman's Twitter and she is kinda fascinating 

She would make an amazing guest on Macrodosing so I might reach out. This "Faction" she writes could be pretty amusing if you treat it like "Fiction". Maybe if she started selling whatever shes shilling for $25 a month as entertainment and not religion it would sell more.