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Shaq Is Suing His Former Business Partners For Tricking Him Into Investing $150k Into A Fake Weed Company

Source - Shaquille O'Neal says his former weed business partners stiffed him out of a ton of cash -- and now he's suing them for more than $1 MILLION.

The Big Diesel spelled it all out in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which the NBA legend claims he and his fellow plaintiff, Jerome Crawford, invested $150k into a new marijuana biz way back in December 2016.

In the suit, Shaq says their investment was supposed to help the company "pursue opportunities in the field of legal cannabis." O'Neal, though, claims that by late 2017 ... the company "seemingly had no licenses, no revenue, and no operations." 

Shaq says when he and his attorneys pressed for details on how their money was being used, the company initially didn't respond.

The problem ... Shaq claims the company only paid the first installment of $20k -- and now, he is suing to get his initial investment back with interest ... plus a lot more for allegedly mismanaging the company. In the docs, Shaq and Crawford are looking for damages in excess of $1 mil.

So this article may not explicitly state that the weed business was "fake", but it was fake. Meaning it didn't exist. No money was invested, no plans were made, no pot was sold. ALLEGEDLY. Can't win em all, I guess. The good news is I'm sure Shaq doesn't even remember writing him a check for $150,000. It was what, back in 2016? That may as well be the middle ages. Also, that amount of money is so small to a guy like Shaq that he probably doesn't even care. He just has some really, really good lawyers that were following up on all his investments. 

That said, the part that kills me is that the people he invested with offered to pay him back in installments...

In 2018, Shaq says after he threatened litigation, the company agreed to pay him and Crawford back in installments of $10,000 each.

If that doesn't scream scumbag drug dealer then I don't know what does. I wonder what they spent the money on. Cars? Clothes? A down payment on moderately-sized suburban home? I don't know. All I know is that Shaq is about to take these people to the cleaners. It's not they're his friends either because if they were he would just write it off as a loss. Best of luck to whoever is on the other side of that courtroom. The Big Aristotle is playing for keeps. Now here's a bunch of Shaq V Chuck highlights to get you through the rest of your (hopefully) half day. Enjoy...