Noted #BasketballGuy Mick Cronin Thinks His Team Having 'The Sniffles' Is Making UCLA Softer Than Shit

God damnit Mick. You're going to make me fall in love with you when you keep saying things like this. It's too damn funny not to. You know he was livid during the game yesterday when Gonzaga just straight up punked UCLA and then he gets asked about the report on his team being sick. "Oh they threw up? Yeah, that's nothing. It's the sniffles. We got our ass kicked and they are complaining about sneezing. Fuck outta here.' 

Remember Mick is a guy who banned UCLA players from wearing gear when they lost to Fullerton in 2020. This is a guy who tried to get football players to try out. 

You think if you complain about feeling under the weather around him he's gonna feel bad for you? Hell no. He's too pissed about not blocking out Chet Holmgren and letting Andrew Nembhard work Tyger Campbell. He's probably stomping around about his defense. 

Mick is the prototypical coach too. He's the ultimate football guy designed as a basketball guy. He's undersized, he's scrappy, he'll fight you dirty style too. No doubt in my mind if there's a back alley fight Mick is the one eye gouging and chopping throats. He can fight on my team any day.