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New Showtime Doc "JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass" Is A Must Watch For Anyone Still Obsessed With The Kennedy Assassination

Say what you will about Oliver Stone's original film from the 90s and it's over dramatized, Hollywood-ified take on the assassination, conspiracy theories, and cover up, but this documentary had a LOT of new information. At least it was new to me. Chain of evidence being broken for one of the bullets. Proof of falsified records. Evidence of collusion to change or strategically withhold testimony in the Warren Commission. All this shit makes it obvious as to why the Government would STILL be afraid to declassify the entire JFK assassination file. 

People should never stop digging and there should be more studies done on this guy, Carlos Marcello. We talked about him on Dogwalk today and all roads to the assassination seemingly go through New Orleans and across this guy's desk. Full episode below