Lando Norris Gets Called Out To An iRace By Twitch Streamer Summit1G

OH BABY - is Lando as fast online as he is on the paddock!? We're about to find out.

Twitch streamer 'Summit1G' is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. He's been on the platform since *checks notes* forever after retiring as a competitive CS:GO player. His latest addiction has been iRacing and he has an INSANE home setup.

However, this race isn't going to be a cake walk for Summit. Lando is a huge gamer himself and during quarantine, he would always play iRacing. I'm not F1 expert per se, but I did finish 'Driver to Survive' on Netflix. You'd imagine that some of Norris' real life driving skills would translate to iRacing, right?

Current AlphaTauri driver, Pierre Gasly, was filmed in 'Drive to Survive' playing F1 2018 on console. It helps him learn the tracks to visualize the turns.

Now, the most important thing that Summit mentioned - he claims he could beat Lando on this specific track IF Lando only had 5 minutes to warm up and the race was only 5 laps. That's some very specific instructions…

You can even hear Summit reading his chat as they're trying to tell him how insanely good Lando Norris is at iRacing.

Love ya Summit, but my money is on Norris. GGs.