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Return of the Zach

Mike White and Joe Flacco both got the Coco, so it's time to throw Zach Wilson into the mix for another try. 

So Zach is coming back this weekend against a Texans team that could get the business!

This is a very interesting graphic that shows how Houston and the Jets are a legit great matchup

Jets, Jags, and Texans are all on the same level. This will really be the biggest make-it-or-break-it game for Zach. 

I have been making the joke that Zach Wilson hasn't thrown an interception in 6 weekends because he either hasn't been playing or they have been on a bye. This week could easily break that streak or extend it, and if he just doesn't throw a pick and plays decently he will have a future. If he chucks up 4 picks against a team that is evenly matched with the Jets he's fucked. I hate to be so finite but he's their only shot right now. If he doesn't put up Mike White vs Cincinnati numbers there will be scrutiny. 

I am laying out a prediction

Zach Wilson 274 yards passing 2 tds 1 interceptions. That is the baseline of whether he is fine, if he does better than those stats he succeeds, if he doesn't, sit him till next season. It doesn't mean he's a bust it's just the jump from all the competition at BYU to the NFL is huge. I think he still has the raw ability to be good in the NFL but it's the experience and getting used to the speed of the NFL that he really needs. That takes time.