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Refs HAVE Been impacting NFL Outcomes at a higher rate

So we are not crazy, the refs have been making more game-deciding calls than usual. I mean between the taunting penalty on Cassius Marsh, the helmet to helmet at the end of the Jets-Bengals game (I will admit that even as a Jets fan), and other insane calls it almost seems like the refs truly are trying to dictate the results of games.

I mean this call in the Ravens dolphins game was no better.

There is a vocal group of individuals that believe the taunting rule changes and other officiating "improvements" are actually an effort to allow more control of game outcomes. 

This was largely debated after that Bears-Steelers game. Literally broke peoples' brains how the game could possibly be called like that. 

Anyway, I am going to start keeping tabs on these game-changing calls and try to connect them to where the money is. Not sure where I can find these metrics but I have to figure out if these calls are just officials flexing or there is more behind it.