We Had A Save Of The Year Candidate In The Field Hockey National Championship Game

First of all, what a name. Azul Iritxity Irogyen, the sophomore out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a name like that, you've gotta be destined for greatness. And speaking of greatness...


You knew we were in for a show with the initial stance before the shot was even taken. That's a power stance if I've ever seen one. Complete and total mind fuck for the shooter to know she was going to be dominated before she even got a chance to take the shot. But then the shooter gives the quickest little pump fake to get the goalie moving early and goes right for the middle of the cage. Cocky move. A cocky move that probably would have worked against any other goalie besides this legend. 

Not quite a scorpion. Not quite a windmill. Just a vicious kick save for the ages. Immediately followed up by a stick smash for the ages. 

Tough news is Liberty ended up losing the National Championship 2-0. Tough scene when your goalie hooks you up with the save of the year and your offense can't get anything going. Field hockey, street hockey, ice hockey, that save is still up there at the top.