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A Raiders Fan Flipped A Coin Before The Season To Predict Every Raiders Game And The Coin Has Not Gotten One Prediction Wrong So Far

There is lotssssss of coin talk these days. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Hogecoin, (insert your favorite coin here by depositing a million of them in my coin account). There has been so much coin talk, that I have actually muted all those coin names from my Twitter along with their abbreviated names with a dollar sign. However this Raiders coin may be the biggest moneymaker of them all since it's as close to the Gray's Sports Almanac from Back To The Future II that we have in real life. 

There are a million things you can't predict during a typical NFL team's season and a billion things that you couldn't have predicted about the rollercoaster that has been the 2021 Las Vegas Raiders season. Yet somehow, some way, the Coin hasn't lost because the Coin knows all. The Coin going 1 for 1 makes sense. The Coin going 2 for 2 is whatever. The Coin going 3 for 3 is a little lucky. The Coin going 10 for 10 while predicting the fortunes of a team based in Las Vegas is proof that /u/pongislame may have broken the simulation we are all living in.

Active NFL players ducking the Manningcast seems to have closed the biggest loophole we had in predicting NFL games, so the Coin is all we have left. So take this information and do whatever you would like to do with it, responsibly as always. Congrats to Raiders fans on the 10-7 season and thank you to the Coin for ensuring that most of America will be a little extra thankful this Thanksgiving knowing that the Cowboys are doomed to lose thanks to the mystical dark arts.

UPDATE: Reposting this blog after the Cowboys game since the Coin is STILL undefeated

If only people who bet the Raiders money line today thanks to the all knowing Coin had a place to spend their newfound cash for a great deal after midnight.