Team Player: Matthew Stafford Blames His Shitty Game For His Wife Chucking A Pretzel At A Fan, Agrees She Won't Go To Road Games

[Post] - “He said, ‘Well, I wish I was as accurate as you were, but I guess only one person in the family was accurate that night,'” Kelly shared.

Kelly, who has been married to Stafford since 2015, added that the 13-year quarterback also said, “Maybe if I wasn’t playing so s—ty the guy wouldn’t be able to say as much to you.”

“To that, I looked at [Stafford] and I was like, ‘This guy would have said anything all night,'” she said, noting that the couple also decided that she’ll press pause on away games for the time being.

Gotta hand it to Matt Stafford here. This is exactly how you play this situation. Make a couple jokes and talk about how you were shitty. But more importantly you 'agree' to have her stay home during road games. Can't be getting in headlines because Kelly is a loose cannon. That said, I still love Kelly. This is what being a wife is all about. Oh you're talking shit about my husband? Here catch a pretzel to the back of the head. How's that for accuracy? Just a genius way to get her to stay home, right out of the Mahomes playbook. 

Like I said in the original blog, my only complaint here is wasting a pretzel. It's the time of the year where everyone argues about food. White or dark turkey? Mac and Cheese (elite side). Is gravy a side? What's your Thanksgiving plate? On and on and on and on. But one thing I won't argue is how elite pretzels are especially as a stadium snack. It's my personal go-to. Get the little thing of cheese on the side and a little extra salted pretzel and you're really cooking with gas. Now, sure, sometimes you get one that hardens a little. But I'll take my chances. 

I'd love to hear Matt's true unfiltered thoughts here. Every husband has been in a situation like this. Sure, we're not dealing with our wives throwing pretzels at people. But maybe your wife gets a little too drunk at a wedding. Maybe they blurt out something they shouldn't have. You have to do the gymnastics in front of them but the moment you're alone with your buddies you let out all the things you bottled up. That's probably Matt in the locker room right now. Sure he played like shit, and made jokes of it, but you know he's annoyed. 

No doubt in my mind that Matt looked at the schedule, saw 4 road games left against Green Bay, Arizona, Minnesota and Baltimore and 'suggested' Kelly doesn't travel. Team player.