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The Big Screamin’ Honkers Got The Dozen Crown Back!

In what was billed as the showdown for the crown, the defending champion and #3 Big Screamin’ Honkers defeated #1 Team Minihane to re-claim The Dozen throne last night! 

There was some controversy as Team Minihane was without their Captain Kirk Minihane who is currently taking a leave from Barstool Sports.

Quigs was chosen to fill in for Kirk and did an admirable job. His specialty category Prinicipals of Flight had to be the most out there in the history of the show.

Team Minihane resorted to desperation as Rico Bosco called noted wild man Cooper on phone a friend.

After a slow start, the Honkers closed strong as we always do. We are the definition of a 2nd half team.

I missed an easy college football question that would have caused me to lose sleep if we lost the match but ultimately redeemed myself.

The Team Minihane fans were upset post match becauase they lost the crown without their fearless leader Kirk.

Honkers Captain Coley Mick said “We welcome the challenge of Team Minihane anytime when Kirk comes back.”

After starting Season 2 with a championship hangover the first 3 matches and falling to #6, The Honkers are back on top and not running from challenges or scared of anybody. 


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