The CAA Continues Their Petty Bullshit: Revised Schedule To Pull As Many James Madison Hoops Games Off Of TV As Possible

Just when I thought the CAA would stop penalizing kids and proving the hypocrisy of college sports, they go and do this and prove to be fulled of even more shit than I thought. Remember, this is the conference that decided to ban James Madison from conference tournaments because they are leaving for the Sun Belt. 

While the CAA Commissioner basically said well it's in the bylaws that this is allowed and it's not his job to determine if rules make sense or not. Sure, my job isn't to blog. Sometimes common sense is just too tough I guess. Punishing kids for a move they had no role in is just beyond stupid. It's why I still get in fights when people tell me these kids don't deserve a chance at NIL or anything like that. This is a direct reason as to why they deserve a cut of what they can get, even at the mid-major level. 

Please explain to me what good this does. What sort of punishment this is? I know, I know. James Madison voted for the same thing years back with Old Dominion. Guess what? That's not a rebuttal. The problem is the fact this bylaw exists in the first place. The problem is Joe D'Antonio refusing to take action and instead acting like a flat out bitch. 

Then again, he probably doesn't understand this will also hurt the conference. JMU is arguably the best team in the CAA this year. Instead of televising JMU vs say Delaware or Hofstra, two teams that should compete for a title, and getting more eyeballs on a good mid-major game you're going to put a worse product out there. Makes sense! 

 I still hope JMU raises banners for every sport calling themselves conference champions. Start your own TV channel for the year too. I'm all in on James Madison basketball now.