There's Big Controversy Now Because A High School Student Section Chanted "Fire Nagy" To One Of Nagy's Kids During A Playoff Game This Weekend

I don't know how to set the stage any simpler. Matt Nagy's kid plays for Lake Forest which is a super duper ultra fancy place on the far far north side of Chicago. Personally I think it's Chicago's richest and most elitist community but I digress. Lake Forest is up there. It's nice. Nagy's kid plays on the football team and they're up against traditional powerhouse Cary-Grove this past weekend. CG carries a very proud and big student section because they've been winning state titles with the triple option for what seems like ever now. They show up and white out the stands and go bananas. It's a good student section. 

Personally I think this is an outstanding move for a student section. It's a clean chant that penetrates deep in the emotions. You cannot shake that off if you're Matt Nagy's kid. From a purely teenager perspective, this is a kill shot. 

As an adult, just absolutely fucking ruthless. I forgot how mean high school kids can be. Nothing is sacred in this world. Not even another man's job and ability to earn for his family. That's some brutal shit. 

Deep down you know Cary-Grove administrators have to throw that statement out there and act all mad. But there's not a single "coach" walking those hallways that doesn't love his study body inside and out for talking shit about Matt Nagy this weekend. That's the reality about the Chicago Bears right now. Slap the kids for being loudmouth assholes but same time hope the message gets back to Matt Nagy. 

On that note, student sections should not die with college. We need a student section at Bears games just going nuts the whole time. Home field advantage needs to be meaner. I feel like we could easily make that happen in Chicago. 

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