We Have the Best Big Man Touchdown You Will See This Season, Courtesy of D-III UMass Dartmouth

You've seen scoop and scores. You've seen defensive linemen get to line up at running back at the goal line in a blowout and sneak in for a touchdown. But may I present to you one of the greatest moments for big boys in football this year: the UMass Dartmouth hook and fatter.

Tyler Gmyr owes his offensive coordinator one hell of a Christmas gift after dialing up this play on third down in the red zone. That's having faith in your big fella. Maybe even too much faith if we're being candid, and that's coming from someone who loves nothing more in this world than seeing 3X guys get into the end zone.

But after seeing Gmyr drag that safety like a rag doll from the 6-yard line into the end zone, I see why his OC had faith in him to call that play. There was an approximately zero percent chance he was not scoring once he had the ball in his hands.

And if him being a true renaissance man on the gridiron wasn't enough for you to fall in love with Tyler, just take one look at him.

Yep, this is my guy. We may need to expand the roster of Macrodsing Athletes to include this 6'5, 300-pound package of twisted steel and sex appeal, because I am now his biggest fan.

Good for the big fella. Way to represent.