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It's Honestly Depressing And Infuriating Hearing Joe Judge Spew The Same Bullshit After Every Loss

Let me put this clearly. Shut the fuck up. It's so depressing and infuriating hearing Joe Judge spew this same horseshit like it actually matters. It doesn't. John Mara doesn't give a shit about this team, otherwise changes would have been made a long time ago. Dave Gettleman is still farting around *probably literally* in his office. Jason Garrett is still a dumb fuck. I hate that guy so much. And Joe Judge is consistently regressing this year. He has no idea how to be aggressive or smart. Instead he does this rah rah bullshit like we're a JV team. 

Unfortunately we play like a goddamn JV team. Look at this. 

At some point you need to stop this dumb 'I'm a football coach and we're going to figure it out' talk. Just admit you're over your head. Admit you fucked up hirings. Admit you haven't given Daniel Jones a place to succeed. You haven't made correct signings or draft picks. Instead we talk about the Giants way. Yeah well, Osi isn't coming back. Eli isn't coming back. Tuck isn't coming back. Jacobs and Bradshaw aren't coming back. O'Hara, Seubert, Snee, McKenzie and Diehl aren't coming back. Instead we have to hear about laps and how you're a man of your word. WELL HOW ABOUT A FUCKING WIN? HOW ABOUT AT LEAST LOOKING COMPETITIVE? 

We're not patient because it's been years, you dumbass. It's been years of messing everything up. It's been years of being excited to watch a Giants game. It's been years since we looked like a team that had any business being on the NFL field. I take this very personally. I'm a man of my word. I'm going to keep writing angry blogs until this organization realizes it's 2021 and cleans shit up. 

Fire Gettleman. Fire Garrett. Clean house.