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Giants Postgame Recap And Laps: The New York Giants Are Thieves Of Joy

I knew this Bucs game was going to be tough after that psycho Tom Brady stormed off the podium last week in Washington but I didn't think we'd get that dogshit after a week off and guys getting healthy. The typical unimaginative trash on offense, bending as well as breaking on defense, game management that made no sense, and Danny throwing picks to boogeymen. Sports are supposed to be fun, right? That's the thinking behind them? Because I'll tell ya, the last 14 days of my life without the Giants were some of the best times I've had during this shitty year.

Whatever, at least it was cool seeing Bill Parcells talk with Eli for a little bit, Andrew Thomas is #back, Kadarius Toney did some cool shit on the like 3 plays he got the ball, and this game being essentially over for an hour means the adrenaline won't keep me up extra late, which means this game will just ruin my Tuesday and maybe my Wednesday. But then Thanksgiving with all the trimmings (said in Mike Francesa voice) will make me feel better until these Big Blue assholes come back in my life on Sunday, which may not include a certain clapping asshole completely mishandling the entire Giants offense.