University Of Michigan Running Back Blake Corum Used His NIL Money To Buy 100 Turkeys For Families In Need This Thanksgiving

Detroit News - Blake Corum always has been one to give back to the community.

Corum is a Michigan running back who has been a large reason for the team’s success this season, although he has missed the last two-plus games with an injured ankle. He hopes to play Saturday when the Wolverines face Ohio State.

About five weeks ago, he decided he wanted to buy 100 turkeys to be distributed in the Ypsilanti community and use money he has made from name, image and likeness (NIL) — which launched in July and allows college athletes to profit off their brands — to purchase the turkeys for families to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Here is a kid that gets it. 

Talk about being the change you want to see. Here's a kid who managed to scrape together some cash through the brand new NIL ruling that was instituted this season, and instead of blowing it on bullshit, he invests it in his community. 

(sidebar - How pissed is the NCAA that they can't suspend this kid into oblivion? They just love dropping the hammer on college athletes trying to get by, anytime money that doesn't come from John Calipari or Nick Saban is involved.)

He held the “Giving Back 2 Give Thanks” event Sunday, with an assist from several local charity groups, which doubled the number of turkeys distributed and included milk, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and other canned goods for a well-rounded Thanksgiving meal. Corum and teammate Nikhai Hill-Green, who also were teammates at St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, were among those distributing meals.

“I’ve always given back, whether it’s a football camp or small things,” Corum said. “I’ve always invested in giving back to my community and trying to get the next generation to live out their dreams. Thanksgiving was coming along, NIL is going really good, and I told my Dad (James), ‘I’m going to buy 100 turkeys.'”

100 turkeys ain't cheap folks. Especially this year with inflation through the roof, and supply chains being not exactly strong.

But Blake not only managed to secure the 100 turkeys he set out to, he got local businesses to match his raise. Doubling up like Ma$e.

And he also managed to recruit his teammate Nikhai Hill-Green to assist him. And he got sucked in to helping others and the warm fuzzies doing good gives you.

“The first thing he said is, I want to do a turkey giveaway where we were (in Ypsilanti), and he was specific about it because he understood the need in that community,” Saeed said. “I was just blown away.”

“Going to a school like St. Frances, inner-city, it changes your perspective on life,” Corum said, Hill-Green next to him agreeing. “So whatever you can do, it’s all about giving back.

Corum turns 21 on Thursday, which happens to be Thanksgiving Day.

He wanted to make people smile this year. He hopes to make a difference.

“It’s an important holiday. Everyone deserves to have a nice little meal.”

Damn man.

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Blake is a running back on one of the best football programs in the world and here he is pretending to be Mother Theresa every chance he's not in the weight room, running scout offense, or listening to Harbaugh. All summer too. Helping kids out at inner-city summer camps. Imagine how different the world would be if everybody had a sense of purpose like this?

Props to Blake Corum and Nikhai Hill-Green for doing something so selfless and noble. We need more of this in this God-forsaken world today. Props to Blake's dad for raising such a stand-up son. And props to the Detroit News for covering this and shining light on this. We need more positive and feel-good stories like this covered by the media today.  

Happy Thanksgiving!