A Fan Just Jumped Out Of The Crowd And Attacked Seth Rollins On RAW


Better angle of the initial attack:



You can break down the demographics of wrestling fans into 4 main categories: 1) Normal, 2) Brandon Walkers, 3) Lunatics, and 4) Children with cancer. This fan falls firmly into category 3. You have to be an absolute lunatic to try and fight a wrestler. These guys are so full of testosterone and you know they are tired of hearing their sport is "fake", so they gotta be chomping at the bit to get a stiff punch or 2 in on a guy. Unfortunately for Rollins though, he was hit with a clean blindside spear that Goldberg himself would be proud of. Never even had a chance to get a few knuckles on him before 100 security guards intervened. Terrible luck. 

Now, I am on the 3Chi so I can't help but wonder if this is a Vince McMahon plant to get some viral clips going around. Everyone is sucking AEW's dick left and right (because it's 100 times better), so is it possible Vinny Mac reached into his old bag of tricks to drum up a little interest? As they say, all's fair in love, war, and wrestling, so I'm not ruling it out.