The Padres Are Closing In On Signing A 27-Year-Old(!!!!!!) To Be Their Hitting Coach. 27!

This is the hot new thing in baseball, hire these SUPER young kids to be hitting coaches, the Orioles did it with a pair of 31-year-olds last week but the Padres just one upped it by closing in on hiring Giants hitting coordinator Michael Brdar who is all of 27-YEARS-OLD. He is legit a kid, he also went 0-2 against our very own Chuck Naso while Brdar was at Michigan. It sounds like he's going to be the next Padres hitting coach where he'll be coaching up guys like Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr. Eric Hosmer, Jake Cronenworth, Adam Frazier and other show to hit. Imagine being that young and you're the one trying to help Tatis Jr. with his swing, what a world. What were you doing at 27? For sure not telling Manny Machado how to swing.

Gone are the days where teams are hiring former MLB players with tons of experience to sit in the dugout as a hitting coach, the young blood is hot in the streets now. We've seen it sort of with managers, going away from older more experienced guys and going with younger, semi unknown guys. Joe Girardi, Aaron Boone, Rocco Baldelli, David Ross, Oliver Marmol. All these guys are younger compared to what we used to see for MLB managers but this is the trend now. 

It sounds like Brdar is a wonder child when it comes to hitting, but of course people will say "he never played in the bigs, what does he know?" That argument is pretty invalid, you don't have to be a 7 time All Star to be able to teach a guy how to attack a baseball. This is a new age we're in, it'll be exciting to see if it works or not. It started with Sean McVay in the NFL, I'm sure we're close to seeing another super young manager in MLB soon too. It's not like he came off the street or anything too, he coached at 2 years with Michigan before joining the Giants in 2020. It's an incredible turn of events for a guy his age though, 27 is so damn young, especially in a position like this.