Kyle Kuzma Showed Up For A Game Today In The Most Preposterous Sweater That Ever Existed

Just simply outrageous that I have no choice but to respect. Don't get me wrong, Kyle Kuzma looks like a gigantic asshole here, but it's so much that he won me over. This is basically what every girlfriend looks like when they 'borrow' their boyfriend's sweatshirt. Just walking around talking about how comfortable it is while being unable to open a door. That's the real story here. I'm pissed this was a simple push door. I wanted to see Kuzma deal with trying to jiggle a handle and get the door stuck. Would only be fitting here. 

And KFC is right. The Lenny Kravitz scarf is legendary. Need a combo now. Russ and Harden get mocked a ton for their pregame outfits, but they are too big of names. Kuz is the perfect guy to attempt to wear both a gigantic scarf and this sweater at the same time. Let's see how that goes. 

How does one even get a sweater like that? Kyle Kuzma is 6'10". That's not a small man. You can't just say give me the 6XL, this has to be the biggest asshole order of all time through a personal shopper. I just need to know how that rich and famous lives. Preposterous.