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Wake Up With Brad Underwood On Hot Ones

My basketball teams lost by a combined 52 points last night after I separately pre-blogged each game declaring them universal winners. Talk about being an all time mush asshole on a Monday night. Same time I'm not the one switching defensive assignments 9 feet from the basket on lazy ball screens so don't point your finger too hard. There's plenty of blame to go around that my head is presently trying to process. I use super computers for my gambling simulations but rely on pure born n' bred intuition to get through days like today. Given the last entire lifetime of disappointment, I should be just fine. 

Helping me get there is Brad Underwood on Hot Ones with Illinois grad Sean Evans. Us Illinois guys have the tendency to stick together and this is no different. Sean Evans and I are practically orange and blue brothers. He's a better interviewer but other than that we're lock step. 

This one's interesting because I'm just naturally terrified to upset, offend or disappoint Brad Underwood. I'd rather commit a late game turnover in March than give him Da Bomb sauce. I don't need those watering eyes and bright red face about to explode on my existence. That would be the absolute worst. I love Brad Underwood. 

I would play for him so hard. I hope the guys on the roster feel the same way. Dropping 71-51 on a neutral against Cincinnati is alarming but there's a lot of season left. Get mad after the holidays. For now just go watch the Hot Ones interview and then subscribe to our shit. I won't stop asking until I notice measurable progress. 

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