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Tonight We Witness The Battle For Fans Named "Tanner" - Illinois vs. Cincinnati (LIVE BLOG)

obligatory private plane hype video:

obligatory French Onion review of Friday's team dinner:

Coach Harrington's keys to the game

Sean Harrington is the greatest 3-point shooter in school history at 191-446 for 43%. Absolute apex predator on the perimeter with a nose for soft spots in zone coverage and a knack for running undisciplined guards off Sergio McClain screens. I love that man but I digress. 

Point is your #14 Fighting Illini are in Kansas City tonight to play Cincinnati. Both fan bases have a lot of guys named Tanner in them. I am thus dubbing this game the battle for the name Tanner. You're probably more original but I got a deadline with the 5:30pm tip. Battle For Tanner sounds great to me. Here's another thing that sounds great. 

Kofi Cockburn returns to the lineup after serving the most bullshit suspension in the history of the NCAA. 

He's back after sitting the first 3 which included a mind numbing road loss to Marquette. If you don't think he's about to ruin Cinci's front court then I have a bridge over the Cal Sag that I would like to sell you. Hope you like carp because they're bitin this time of year. 

Anyways I would responsibly hammer the Illini but I'm in state. Just feels like one of those early season games Illinois wins by a billion. We get at least one of those every year. My expert prediction is tonight yields such profound devastation to the Bearcats. Too much focus on football. Illini by 50. 

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