REPORT: An "Overwhelming Amount" Bears Players Say They Want Matt Nagy To Be Fired


File this one under "no shit". I think if you asked players privately after last season they'd say the same thing. The guy simply can't get it done. There's enough of a sample size now. The more time you give Nagy to think the worse he gets.

We have all had enough, the players included. The team should just give the reins to the Special Teams coach that did fine the week Nagy was out with Covid. The Bears haven't fired a coach mid season...ever. Maybe the Bears should start doing the Costanza method for running the organization. Whatever they've done historically is out. Whatever their instincts tell them to do they should do the opposite. If your instincts say it's the right or classy thing to do to let Nagy finish out the season then the opposite would be to fire him on Thanksgiving. That is cold blooded, but it is a step in the right direction. We've run the experiment and Nagy stinks. The players aren't stupid. They're smarter than us. They've played for better coaches in the NFL or in college. They know what good coaching looks like and it is a MIRACLE that this type of leak hasn't happened until now. Let's all move on. Let's allow the Bears to get a head start on the search for the next head coach. Do the opposite of what they've been doing and do it before Nagy can spend anymore time with our Beautiful Boy Justin Fields.