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The Saints Are Doing Some Sort Of Salary Cap Wizardry With Taysom Hill's Contract Where They Pay Him Based On How Much He Plays A Position That Could Be Worth $95 Million

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You know how you have that one guy in your fantasy league that always pulls some wacky shit that you aren't sure is even in the rule book that causes the commissioner to lose sleep, hair, and maybe even a couple friendships? I feel like the Saints are that guy in the NFL. Every year it seems like they wipe their ass with the salary cap rules, try to come up with crazy trades with rules that get shot down, then enter the season as a possible contender that is under the salary cap by a pubic hair. Who can forget when they dropped this doozy on the NFL world last year?

Goodell has been pretty much powerless in all this outside of telling refs to fuck the Saints every time they have a chance (Source: Every Saints fan I've ever read on Twitter). But the craziest thing of all is that I love this deal. We need more contracts that forces someone to mark where a player lined up like the guy who decides position eligibility in fantasy. I don't think Taysom Hill is going to be the revolutionary QB that Sean Payton keeps telling us he can be. But at the very least, he can be the guy that completely revolutionizes NFL contracts that will cause salary cap nerds heads to explode.

Or the Saints are just money laundering.

To be clear, I am not accusing them of money laundering since I don't understand what money laundering is. But based on the amount of likes and retweets, I am just going to call this money laundering and go about my day.