UCLA Soccer Player Lays Out A Duke Kid For Mocking The Goalie After The Game-Winning Goal With 2 Minutes Left

[Chronicle] - After Stroud’s game-winning goal, though, UCLA’s Pietro Grassi took issue with Ulfarsson apparently talking to the Bruins’ goalie and pushed him over from behind, getting himself an immediate red card. Obviously an emotional game, especially for the Bruins as they stared down the final minutes of their season, the energy boiled over. For a while, the clock had to be stopped as players from both sides pushed at each other and refs and team captains stepped between to cool the tension.

Think it's pretty clear here. This is squarely on Coach K. The man runs Duke and refuses to teach sportsmanship unless it's for opposing players. Shame on him for not caring about Duke athletics. UCLA gives up two goals in the last 3 minutes of the game to lose in the NCAA Tournament and you got this Ulfarsson kid mocking the goalie. Coach K would have the sternest of lectures if Dillon Brooks did that to him and not just shot before the buzzer. 

There's no context to this video because there aren't many soccer clips floating around out there. No idea if the goalie fucked up or not. But the dude decided to remind him he did by jumping aimlessly and missing. I stand with the UCLA kid though. It's called being a good teammate. You don't let your goalie get mocked by a Duke nerd without leveling him. 

Now in classic Duke fashion this kid did flop. Sure, he got hit. But 5.5 rolls? Calm down kid. That's a 2 roll max shove. Have some pride and get up and shove back. At the minimum get up and pretend like you're going to fight back only to be held back. Then again, I can't be surprised. It's Duke. If the UCLA kid didn't get a red card he would have 100% get tripped. I'd honestly argue he didn't deserve the red card. Sorry for being a good teammate. You should be allowed one shove for every noticeable shit talking situation. Eye for an eye type situation.