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A Vegas Strip Club Has to Shut Down an Open Audition When 1,000 Dancers Show Up

Source - Dancer auditions for a soon-to-open Las Vegas strip club were cut short by the fire marshal after too many people showed up to watch the tryouts, with one host reminding a crowd pushed against the stage of this month's Astroworld stampede.

Tryouts for Club Ice were held last Wednesday at Blume Lounge in Henderson, Nevada - just outside of Vegas.

The event proved to be a little too popular, with TMZ reporting that 1,000 women signed up and the Fire Marshal had to shut it down to avoid any potential injuries.

At one point, a host is heard saying: 'This motherf***** too packed, y'all gotta back up. Y'all seen that s*** happen with Travis Scott the other night, y'all better pack up,' referring to the deadly stampede at the Houston festival that killed 10 people. ...

Videos from the event show nearly naked women dancing in a fully lit room as people throw money in the air.

First of all, we all should come together with one voice and express our gratitude to the good people in charge of this Club Ice event for their good judgment and decisive action, which may have prevented a tragedy. America's strip club community provides a vital service that serves us all. And getting the best exotic dancers we can is crucial. But that's not worth risking lives over. And it's comforting to know we've got people in positions of authority like this fire marshal for saving countless strippers and stripper fans with this swift decision-making. 

That said, we also need to thank the 1,000 ladies who showed up to ply their wares. For far too long we've allowed it to be said that Americans are unwilling to work. That we'd rather stay home and collect government checks and leave the heavy lifting to others. To that I say, poppycock. It's a false narrative and these women prove it. 

This is still a land of hopes and dreams. Where good people dream their dreams and are willing to roll up their sleeves, slip on a G-string, climb up on that pole and reach for the stars. Where the only things as big their aspirations are their tips. They put on their stilettoes one shoe at a time, just like the rest of us. But once they hit that stage, they bring fantasies to life. And that's something we can all get behind.

Perhaps no industry has been hit harder in the last two years than the strip club business. And while revenues have been down, the demand hasn't diminished one bit. And these young future stars are going to see to it that the spotlight shines just as bright as it did before. That the glitter sparkles as it once did. And that the sad loners buying lap dances in the Champagne Room will go home with deposits in their Spank Banks that will help them through the darkest times. When the economy eventually does come roaring back - and it will - never forget that it was these 1,000 women who didn't know the meaning of the word "quit" who led us back to prosperity. Here's to you, dancers of Club Ice. Long may you reign.