Moving Diaries Part 2

November 2nd-4th:

After the fiasco in which I needed the assistance of Jersey Jerry, I made sure to keep my keys attached to my belt clip. With a trip to Florida coming on the weekend, the focus was on moving some of my collectibles to the new place while hiring movers and contacting Fios to get my cable and internet at the new place. The date was set, cable arrives on November 16th, and the move-in date was November 15th. 

I went out and purchased some crates for my baseball cards as I first cleared my collection of Mets yearbooks. Over the next few days, I moved several bins of baseball card binders, and I noticed the containers helped me organize the cards and fit well in the closet. Once I am finished settling in, I can arrange to find the cards I am looking for when I want to. 

November 5th-November 10th:

I decided it would be good to get the Uber to the airport from my new apartment, and this allowed me to bring over one last load before heading to Florida. I also had the idea that I could unpack and toss my clothes in the washer when I got back. I also decided to hire Palmieri Movers. They were recommended by Tolercios, where I had done play-by-play of a ravioli eating contest. Things were coming together. I filmed a few Raw Dogging episodes in Florida, saw the Dolphins play at Hard Rock Stadium, and petted a dolphin at Sea World in Orlando. 

November 11th:

After going to the office for a Tank's Thursday, I got home and quickly made a run to the new place, knowing the Dolphins were taking on the Ravens. By this time, I needed new bins. Sadly, I could not match the quality of the containers I had before, as Staples was out of the larger bins that had perfectly held my cards. 

November 12th:

With three days before the movers came, I turned things up to high gear. I needed more containers and to get a spare key made. I went to the Walmart in Kearny. I could get the key made there, but I could not find any containers as the store was a mess. When I saw the containers, the lids did not match on the larger crates, meaning I would need to look elsewhere—making matters worse, this Walmart does not carry One Bite Pizza. SMH. I was able to get bins at Target. Sadly the containers were flimsy and would create problems later. 

November 13th & 14th:

My birthday and a Devils game at 1 pm; before going to the game, I made sure to bring over a few boxes. It was on this trip that I took the last of my baseball card binders. After the game, I was able to get help from my Uncles; they would help on Sunday. The focus was getting my bobbleheads over to the new place. I was able to clear my walls, discovering the effects of fun tac. It was not pretty. I am glad I am using Alien Tape at the new place. I guess I can say goodbye to my deposit. 

With one Uncle coming up from Pennsylvania, I could use two cards and six hands to get stuff out quicker. This way, the movers would only be needed for the big things. While loading the baseball cards in my closet, there was an avalanche as the weaker bins collapsed, spilling cards everywhere. Fortunately, the cards were all in boxes, and it was easy to pick up, but one container was destroyed. I will make sure I get the stronger bins when I am finished since this will be a permanent storage method. 

After my Uncles went home, I went back to the new apartment and made sure to clear a path for the movers as I took my old microwave to the storage unit. 

November 15th: Moving Day

The day was here. I had my last sleep at the old place. The Pizza Window was going away. It served well during the move, as I put my bins and boxes through the window to make the trek easier. I had a hand cart and a rolling basket. The movers would not need these tools, but they helped. The new place has an elevator, also helping to make the process easier. 

Palmieri Movers came in and took care of business; they are true professionals. It took under three hours to clear everything out of the apartment, as I chose to throw away some items, including an old dresser. I had decided new place, new things to make the whole move become a fresh start. Gone also was my desk; once I am settled, I can get a new one somewhere. Before heading over to the new place, it was time for one last look, after 13 years, two months, and ten days at the old home. 

Once they arrived at the new place, I got the movers to set up my bed and television. I decided to put my TV on my old microwave cart, feeling it would help it look more organized. After the movers left, I began the process of unpacking. Looking at the gunk and filth from my old place, I realized I needed to wipe down everything, including my dishes, pots, and pans. It was the perfect chance to use a dishwasher for the first time. I learned that certain things do not work in the dishwasher. Oh well, I could use a new set of pans and cookie sheets.