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Fat On Fat Crime Was At An All-Time High During Our Sundae Conversation With Druski

The amount of fat on fat crime going on here was nothing short of Outrageous! Egregious! Preposterous! It was to my knowledge that us fats normally stick together, ya know? Like in Curb Your Enthusiasm whenever LD happens to see a fellow bald brother walking down a hallway you give a little subtle nod to acknowledge the certain struggle you both deal with as bald brothers. I was always under the impression that was the same thing with us fats and it sure always has been as far as I'm concerned. I see a fellow fat out in the wild it's understood we both understand the plight we are in and when push comes to shove we are in that very bloated plight together.

That was until the fateful day we recorded this Sundae Conversation last week with fellow fat, Druski. I was shocked at the amount of F word's (in our community the F word is Fatso) being thrown around! In the blink of an eye a fellow fat became somewhat of an enemy. Broke my heart. The fat on fat crime was a sad scene for us fellow fats thinking we are in this together.

But at the end that's quite ALRIGHT because it was all a joke and Druski couldn't have been nicer once we were all finished up over there (I'll be honest I had absolutely no idea if we were serious mid-conversation). And hell even if he wasn't who cares- it was fucking FUNNY. It was so funny in a matter of fact my mom didn't even care how many he times I was called fat. She thought it was hilarious. So check out what I believe is EASILY a top Sundae Convo ever. That Druski, as we clearly asll know, is one funny motherfucker.