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Rory Shoots A 74, Blows A Final Round Lead And Promptly Gets Caught Going Hulkamania On His Shirt

Fuck, Rory is completely winning me over here. I've mostly been neutral on him (outside of Ryder Cup). But if he's going to go Hulkamania on his shirt after blowing a lead? Well, buddy you have a place in my heart. I love when athletes are actually willing to show emotion and be pissed off. I'm sure him doing this upset some old dudes that write for papers and stuff. Makes me love it even more. 

*Obligatory Real American break* 

Now I thought about saying relatable somewhere here, but it's not. 1) We don't have free golf shirts like Rory. It must be nice to rip a $75 shirt and not eventually get upset when someone asks you about it. What if it's your favorite shirt too? 2) If you're ripping shirts on a casual Saturday down you are a lunatic that I have no choice but to respect. A club toss? Sure, by all means. Putting together swear words that make no sense but all the sense together? That's what we do. Ripping a shirt is not. 

I don't blame Rory here. Look at this bad break on 15. 

Yeah I would be chucking that wedge. No doubt about it. I love Rory's look though. That's a full tear. You can tell he let out a scream during it. He also looks like he may have wandered around Vegas wearing one shoe and is ready to sit down at the blackjack table and double on 12. The dumbest, most frustrating best sport out there man. Nothing like it.