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The World Demands Justice For Jürgen On Great British Bake Off

You're damn right that's an image that says it all. There were 4 bakers left in the show. 2 judges and 2 hosts. 8 total people in that tent and all 8 of them knew that Jürgen was the best baker there. Heck, all 8 of them knew that Jürgey Pops is probably the best baker on the planet. So to see him go out in the semifinal?

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For those who haven't been following, our Jürgen was putting on one of the greatest displays of dominance the world has ever seen on this season of Great British Bake Off. 

Not one, not two, but THREE Star Bakers. Winning technicals week after week. There wasn't a single week in the tent when Jürgen's name was ever once considered to be going home. It just got to the point where everybody knew he was the GOAT, and the rest of the bakers were perfectly content with baking for 2nd place. But that's where the jealousy seeps in. That's where one of the most egregious acts of selfish arrogance was born. 

Because like I said, everybody knew he was the best baker in the tent. For the contestants, that's one thing. But for judge Paul Hollywood? 

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Now I'd never call out the integrity of the show or anything, but Paul Hollywood couldn't wait to get the Jürgenator out of the tent. He felt threatened by his greatness. He could feel his job slipping out of his buttery hands and directly into the lap of Jürgen. He felt his place in baking lore being beat out of him like a Jürgen French slap. 

So he goes out and makes this week all about himself. He tosses a handshake over to Chigs in the signature. He let's another handshake fly over to Giuseppe. He doles out another handshake to Crystelle. 3 handshakes in the same round. Simply unheard of. And who is the only baker he doesn't give one to? The Jürg Man. 

Don't get me wrong. The other 3 bakers are all superstars of their own. Giuseppe is a monster. He's a machine. As precise as they come. Plus he has that lovable Italian accent. 

Crystelle is…well I'd let Crystelle bash me over the head with a rolling pin and toss molten hot caramel into my face. She can also decorate the shit out of some cakes and her flavors are insane. 

And Chigs is the baking equivalent of when Teemu Selanne had 72 goals his rookie year in Winnipeg. The fact that this stallion just started baking a year ago is insane. Like Wilt Chamberlain winning rookie of the year and MVP in the same season. 

No matter what it was going to be the best crop of 3 finalists in show history. But still. It's not like Jürgen even went out after a bad week. I get how the show works. I know that anything you've done leading up to that point doesn't make a difference. Each week is a brand new week and anybody can go home whether or not you just won Star Baker the week before. But Jürgen had a killer week and still went home because the other 3 also had killer weeks. I call malarkey. I call rubbish. I say they should have just taken all 4 into the finals. And I, along with the rest of the world, demand justice.