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Jim Irsay Giving Out Autographed $100 Bills To The Bills Fans That Sat In Front Of Him As The Colts Dominated Buffalo Yesterday Was The Ultimate Power Move

What a motherfucking flex from Jim Irsay. Jonathan Taylor ended millions of fantasy matchups before the witching hour even began yet that wasn't even the most impressive thing that happened in Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday (I refuse to call the Bills stadium by whatever fancy corporate name it goes by now). 

Shit, the Colts have hung banners in their stadium for lesser things than what Jim Irsay did in that video. Not only did Jim Irsay give out $100 bills to a bunch of fans as his team wiped the floor with their team, he gave out AUTOGRAPHED $100 bills to them. Excuse me, he had SOMEONE ELSE give out autographed $100 bills to the NFL's craziest fanbase in their own house as his team mollywhopped their team all while his hands were in his pockets.

I don't know if Jim Irsay does this every game or if he just did it yesterday because he was feeling charitable with the holidays are coming up. But my view of the entire Colts franchise has changed after seeing this video. The Colts may be a physical team with a head coach that led an offense with Nick Foles at QB to a Super Bowl for a group of fans that are legitimate lunatics. Yet I still think of the indoor stadium with participation trophy banners and complaints about #DeflateGate whenever I saw the horseshoe helmets. 

However, after witnessing the most diabolical way I've seen a rich guy use money in sports since the Million Dollar Man was shoving hundos in people's mouths after he beat them in the squared circle, I am officially ready to say the Colts have the swagger to at least dream of a trip to the Super Bowl.

Obligatory throwback to a Hall of Fame theme song

Give the Colts the Lombardi Trophy if Irsay ever adopts the Million Dollar Man's Hall of Fame supervillain laugh

By the way, how do you get hired to be the guy that gives out Jim Irsay's money because that is one of the few occupations I'd take over my current one. It probably involves a lot of briefcases full of things that could get you on the radar of law enforcement if not the FBI, the CIA, or whatever agency breaks up real life Squid Game rings. But getting paid to be a rich guy's money man has to be worth it in the end.