Come Join OAR, Foxtrot and the Get Down, Randy Houser, Dante The Don, and Barstool Chicago At Weishest On 12/3 - 100% of ALL Sales Go Straight To Families Battling Cancer


If you're from the south side of Chicago, chances are you have heard of and attended Weishfest. It's basically a right of passage to attend the event for south siders. The best part about that? For one, EVERYONE looks forward to it, but for two - and this is the important part - is that 100% of all ticket sales, food, alcohol, and merch sales go straight to families with young adults battling cancer. 

I'm not kidding when I say this, it's my favorite part of the winter. Dan Weishar and his family put an incredible event. It's a shit show in the best possible way; oh, and the music is incredible. This year we have Marc Roberge of OAR coming out, along with my guys from Philly, Foxtrot and the Get Down. There's a small chance I'll get drunk and rip a guitar solo on stage too. No bullshit.

Check out the video below:

$150 for all you can eat/drink food and booze with OAR and Foxtrot? Fucking sign me up. Get 

This is something you do NOT want to miss, but if you have other obligations and want to donate, you can do so below: 

Let's ride! I know how far my word goes and I'm not kidding when I say this - you will have so much fun at Weishfest you won't miss it again. Hours and hours of food, music, drinking, and doing so in the name of kicking cancer's ass.