Gilbert Arenas Gave Isaiah Stewart A Perfect Breakdown Of The Fighting Rules In The NBA

I'm someone who found Gilbert Arenas wildly entertaining when he was still in the league. In fact, a lot of what we see offensively on the floor now, Arenas was doing way back when in the early-mid 2000s. That run from 2004 to 2007 was legit (27.7/4.3/5.7), and he's for sure a first-ballot Finesse The Bag HOFer. Yet he's been able to make the rare transition to someone who is just as entertaining off the floor. Whether it's telling stories or a post like this, Gilbert Arenas will always tell it like it is and find that refreshing.

Take his stance on the big "throw down" last night between LeBron and Isaiah Stewart. I'm sure you've seen it by now

Now we all wait to see what the fallout will be. I'm sure Pistons fans want LeBron suspended, but I can't see that happening. It's LeBron. In fact, I thought Gilbert did a great job of explaining the rules of fighting in the NBA. I can't find a single thing he got wrong. Let's break them down

Rule #1: Don't square up with LeBron or KD 

Now we've seen KD get into some tussles over the years. Nobody swings or anything, but he's gone face to face a couple times. There was that run in with Westbrook when he was still in OKC. He went head to head with Andre Roberson that one time. Shit, these two even has some moments against each other in the Finals. But we've never seen either of them involved in a brawl or anything like that. They are the top of the food chain for a reason. It's why LeBron can do whatever he wants and KD can do stuff like this

I'd say this is good advice from Arenas because it'll always be a losing battle trying to fight either of those guys. They are protected because they are the best players on the planet.

Rule #2: Don't act tough against the Splash Brothers

When it comes to Klay and Steph, it's different. You don't want to avoid fighting them because they are large specimens that can whoop the shit out of you. No no, you don't want to talk shit to those guys because they will then immediately make your life hell on the basketball court? You know what's more humiliating than being part of a HOLD ME BACK!!! fight? Trying to talk shit and then the Splash Brothers going out and lighting your ass up. They'll laugh as they do it. Every three will be more disrespectful than the last. 

This is good advice because I feel like because Steph is a little smaller and Klay is just overall a chill guy that people think that maybe they can mess with them or puff their chest out. Don't be an idiot. They are cold blooded murderers and their weapon of choice is 35 footers in your eyeball. 

Rule #3: Only CP3 and Rajon Rondo are allowed to fight

Also very true. These two hate each other with the fire of a thousand suns. Always have, always will. In fact, they've actually fought with real punches!

Some NBA beefs are clearly fake and all for the drama. Not these two. There is real hatred there and it always seems like whenever they play something happens. Size wise they are pretty similar so it's a fair fight in my eyes and I think the world has just accepted that these two will always have beef. If that means they have to toss hands then so be it.

Rule #4: Wait for your teammates so you can act tough

Ah yes, the HOLD ME BACK move. Jimmy Butler and the Heat know this well. To be honest, this is how 99% of NBA fights go. Remember the Gobert/Myles Turner "HOLD ME BACK!" fight from like a week ago? 

Nobody acts tougher when being held back by their entire team than NBA players. That's when we see guys take things to another level, when they know there's no way anything will actually happen. As Arenas says, sell it like WWE. That's really what it is. If they wanted to truly do something, they could. Instead, the play is not to truly lose your shit until you're being held back. NBA fighting 101.

If we're being honest, I actually give Stewart a lot of credit here. He did NOT try and be a hold me back tough guy. He went after LeBron. Considering we almost never see that, props to him for not acting that way just for the optics. He seemed really pissed and was ready to do something about it, only he forgot about Rule #1 and it's why he'll probably get the majority of the punishment.

All in all, I'd say Gilbert Arenas nailed it. This is what makes the internet so much fun in 2021. You know you can always rely on Gilbert Arenas to hop on a mic or on his IG and tell it like it is. He's both informative and very entertaining at the same time. 

Seriously though, prime Gilbert Arenas was a bad man on the court. Guy way way ahead of his time and it's a shame that injuries fucked his career.