WHOA: For The First Time Ever Damian Lillard Publicly Says He Wants Out Because He's Sick And Tired Of Losing

Now I can't blame him. Watching the Raiders and being a Raiders fan? Gross. He's not nearly old enough to remember the good old days of Al Davis. Sure you had the Rich Gannon run, still didn't win a Super Bowl though. Shit they haven't even won the division since 2002. That seems ... impossible. But then again we're talking about the Raiders. They can't get out of their own way. They can never come through when they have to. Even Derek Carr is ready to quit. 

Little different since Derek Carr is the goddamn starting quarterback of the Raiders. I don't know man. You could ... play better and help win? Just a suggestion. Dame is merely a fan. Last 5 games you have 8 touchdowns and 5 picks. That's on you man. 

No word on if Josephine Skriver is quitting the Raiders too. 

I apologize for all Blazers fans who might have a heart attack this morning seeing this. But the game is the game, yo. Come to the Giants, Dame. Then become a Knick. I can see the writing on the wall.