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An Arkansas BBQ Joint Has Banned SEC Football Officials From the Establishment Until the Hogs Beat Alabama

Arkansas went down to the wire with Alabama on Saturday, eventually falling to the Tide 42-35. The Razorbacks were seeking their first win over Bama since 2006 and their first in Tuscaloosa since 2003.

The Tide's one-score win wasn't without much dismay from everyone in the state of Arkansas not only at the result of the game, but also at the officials. Alabama, as it usually does, received quite a bit of help from the refs on its home field and Hogs fans — as well those rooting for the downfall of Nick Saban or just neutral observers wanting to see a fair game — were none too pleased.

So Wright's Barbecue of Johnson, Arkansas decided to do something about it: SEC officials are banned from the restaurant until the Razorbacks get a win against Alabama.

Seems more than fair to me. It's about damn time somebody stands up to the tyrants ruining SEC football games, because it has become abundantly clear Greg Sankey won't do it — he's probably the one ordering favorable officiating in the Crimson Tide's favor in close games like this. So if the conference is going to keep running these guys out there at the expense of kids playing their tails off and trying to get a big win, at least they will be unable to enjoy some of Northwest Arkansas' finest 'cue.

We need every SEC town's two or three most respected establishments to band together for this cause. If the league office won't correct the injustices occurring on a weekly basis, maybe the refs will start calling a fair game when they aren't allowed to eat at any of the fine restaurants the great cities of the Southeastern Conference have to offer.