Should Cam Heyward Be Jailed For Slamming My Beautiful Baby Boy Justin Herbert Last Night?

Just to give you some context to this play, my beautiful baby boy Justin Herbert was in the middle of breaking off yet another beautiful run on the steelers. He hit daylight and was for sure about to score a touchdown but Cam Heyward chased him down all the way from the LOS after the rest of his teamates had already given up on the play. Fantastic play and one you gotta fucking LOVE as a steelers fan. 

After that play, things get a little shady. Watching it live, it looks like he just lingered, laying his 300lbs body on an already down on the Chargers franchise quarterback and seemingly refusing to let him up. Josh Palmer runs over to protect his quarterback, trying to lift Heyward off. Palmer for sure taps his facemask, and Heyward then hit him and pushed him back. Sure, that's just football and emotions are high. But then, in the original camera angle, it looks like he rolls Herbert over and slams his fists on his stomach. I jumped out of my chair watching this live, especially after he only picked up a UR and didn't get ejected. Looking at the other angles of the same play, though, it was fairly clear that Heyward fell back forward onto Herbert and wasn't trying to punch him. I won't be taking the reactionist angle that Heyward is some sort of villain that was trying to hurt Herbert because I don't think he was. 

Here is what it comes down to for me. Just counting it down on the video, he lingers on top of Herbert for 4 full seconds after the tackle. Why? How stuck could you possibly be? He hits Josh Palmer, and he falls back onto a franchise QB. Bottom line, if that same play happened to a Brady, to Rodgers etc., then Collinsworth & Michaels would have flipped a shit. They barely even mentioned it at all during the broadcast! In fact, they were just short of openly rooting for the Steelers the entire 4th quarter! The internet would have lit up, Cam would have for sure been ejected and probably suspended. Instead, it was just a standard UR call which has the same effect as a taunting call. How fucked is that? Celebrating a big play is considered equally as bad as unnecessary roughness. 

Anyway, I want my baby boy protected. Lack of malicious intent or not, I don't want ANY player roughing up my franchise quarterback and neither would you. Speaking of bad plays, it is INSANE that this was missed by the Zebras

Absolutely and totally fucking unacceptable play by Kyzir White. THAT is malicious intent and he is for sure going to get fined and should be suspended for that. That is really dangerous and he could have ended a young star's career with that bullshit.