Love That Southern Utah's Basketball Coach Called Out California, Refs And Everyone Else After Bullshit 'Gymnastics' Cost Them A Win

[ESPN] - The chaos started when Jason Spurgin, a 6-foot-11 center, got fouled and went to the free throw line with his team up 41-34 at the 14:02 mark of the second half. Spurgin made both free throws, per the Pac-12 Network's footage of the game. But he was credited with only one free throw. Southern Utah then had a 42-34 lead, although it should have been 43-34.

"At the time, I argued with the scorer's table, and after a couple possessions, I got the officials' attention," Simon told ESPN on Sunday. "The scorer's table insisted they were right. Not much we could do beyond that. The lead official took their word and didn't go to the monitor. Unfortunately, it had to take some gymnastics from the stat crew doing play-by-play, the scorekeeper, etc., to all make the math work. Their official stat crew made a free throw make a miss and a dead-ball rebound. Very bizarre."

How in the living fuck does this happen? Refs go to the monitor for every single thing in the world during games. It's ridiculous. Now you have a scoring discrepancy and you refuse to check just to be sure? That seem impossible. It's also big time bullshit by everyone involved with Cal basketball and athletics here. Just because your program stinks doesn't mean you should get away with either 1) cheating or 2) not paying attention to the game. It's a free throw. You literally can't miss it. If it makes, you add a point. Someone there has to speak up and be like uhh he went 2-for-2. 

I've legit never heard of this, especially at this level. If there's an argument with the scorer's table, a ref comes over right away. Hell, that happens at the JV level let alone even high school. If I'm Southern Utah I'm raising even more hell. You were robbed of a win. Sure, you shouldn't have blown a lead, but you were still robbed of a win. Having to go to OT because of this? Yeah, that would send me off. I'd be going on TV and reminding the world every single time I could about it. I'd be obnoxious about it because it's bullshit. Like I said, it's impossible for this to happen, especially when you're talking about a HIGH MAJOR program. Cal has every single piece of technology in the world. 

This is just another prime reason why I have such a heated rivalry with refs. They are bad at their jobs. They don't understand the basic premise of the block/charge rule. They love to make sure everyone knows they are in charge of games and hand out technicals for having fun. But this? Something that they completely fuck up and nothing. There's no interview or quote by them. They get protected by the 'rulebook.' Let me know what took so long for them to start talking to Southern Utah's coach. Let me know why they didn't go the monitor and what the debate was. You cost a team a win, answer the questions.