When The Eagles Inevitably Win The Super Bowl, This Legend Better Be The First To Receive Her Ring

It takes a village. You're never going to win a Super Bowl unless everybody has fully bought in. That doesn't just mean the coaches and players. That doesn't just mean management. It goes from the top to the bottom. From ownership to the guy slingin' ice cold great taste less filling Miller Lites. And that is especially the case for a young and growing team like the Philadelphia Eagles who have quickly found themselves right in the middle of the playoff picture. 

A team that can't afford to take any plays off because they need to learn from every single one of them. A first year starting QB. A first year head coach. A first year defensive coordinator. A ton of guys who just don't have the big game experience at this level. But this fanbase? Well the fanbase has been there before. And the fanbase needs to lead by example. 

So when the refs dick the Birds over with a horrific roughing the passer call after Javon Hargrave makes a great play to get to the 4th Manning brother. 

That's when the fans need to take over. That's when the fans need to make sure we're not getting complacent either. And that's when the Queen of Philadelphia (bust most likely Delco) stepped up to be the leader this city needs. 

That's the type of play right there that can propel a team to greatness. You saw the intensity as that top row of teeth clenched down on the bottom lip to add as much weight as possible behind that "fucking".  You saw how aggressive she stayed on the end there of that "bullshit". It wasn't a casual a casual "oh that's bullshit" where you trail off by the time you get to "shit". She stayed in the pocket and delivered a fucking strike from start to finish. Legend. 

By the way, this scene here is immaculate. You've got buddy in the bomber jacket with the double bird salute. You've got Philly Sports Guy losing his mind but also keeping it PG with a "that's a bad call". And then you've got Queen Mary Kate of Delco who probably just took down an entire bottle of alter wine at St. Dot's before heading to the tailgate in complete bewilderment of that call.  

I need this image painted as a mural on City Hall. 

Anyway, the Birds are buzzing. Jalen Hurts is proving himself to be a franchise quarterback. JJ Artthhhhhega-Whiteside actually caught a pass. The defense was shaky in the 4th quarter after Slay went down but before that they were an absolute menace. And speaking of menaces, this O-line might just be the biggest group of bullies in the league. 

Playoffs. Playoffs.