I'm Thankful For Hot Coleslaw In My Dad's Garage

Thanksgiving week is one of my favorite because it gives me time to be thankful and grateful. I get to reflect on everything God has given me and how lucky I am to participate in life. You embrace family and hang out. There's stories and booze and food and football and all that great shit. So many things to enjoy and yet even so nothing compares to hanging out in my dad's garage and eating coleslaw. My older brothers will be there. I'm the only person in the history of Barstool Chicago to have older brothers. We'll be hanging in dad's garage ripping it up. I'm so lucky. I'm so thankful. You guys are obviously so jealous. 

But lost in the shuffle this holiday season is the coleslaw. I went heavy slaw last Christmas and plan on running it back extra hard this Thanksgiving. People don't know about hot coleslaw until they have it, and then there's no coming back. Vinegar and bacon grease mixed with some fresh ground pepper. I don't need to smell your panties to know that combination works. Fact of the matter is my dad's hot coleslaw recipe has the flavor profile and recipe to make this Thanksgiving one to remember forever. I highly encourage you get in on the action. 

Even better is if you can make it in a garage. Particularly one in Chicago because they're better. That's the secret ingredient to this Thanksgiving hot coleslaw. Go find a Chicago garage and make it on a Weber gas grill inside said garage. Do not worry about ventilation and propane exhaust. Only pussies do that kinda stuff. 

Anyways enjoy the coleslaw. I'll be having a lot of it this week and spending a lot of time in my dad's garage. Rumor has it KB is bringing the seltzers. I can't give enough thanks. 




- frying pan

- small saucepan 

- large mixing bowl

- large spoon (preferably slotted to preserve as much bacon grease as possible)

- strainer for bacon grease


- one pound of bacon

- one bag of shredded cabbage 

- equal parts bacon grease & vinegar

- pepper


Step 1: Slice bacon into small pieces

Step 2: Cook bacon low and slow 

Step 3: Remove bacon, wrap in paper towels while saving bacon grease

Step 4: Let bacon grease cool for 10 minutes

Step 5: Strain bacon grease, set aside

Step 6: Drink a GTLF

Step 7: Add bacon grease & equal amount of vinegar to small saucepan, heat until mixture starts to bubble

Step 8: Mix bacon, cabbage, liberal serving of pepper in large bowl

Step 9: Pour sauce over bacon, cabbage mix

Step 10: Enjoy!