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Wake Up With Stool Scenes Chicago

Good morning guys. Let's have a nice week filled with thanks and nominal amounts of productivity. By 3pm tomorrow you'll have everything mailed in for another 5-6 days before heading into the cupcake month of the year. I know it's cold and shitty but scout's honor you know the vibes I'm talking about. This December I might even go see a Christmas play in a theater with actors and everything. That's the kinda spirit I'm in today and there's a small chance that's the future cheesy gordita crunch talking. Maybe I'm in a good mood because I know lunch will be crunchy yet soft and delicious. Maybe I can't help myself. 

In any event, start the week with Stool Scenes Chicago. It's bound to put a smile on your face and there's a not-too-shitty chance you missed last week's episode. There's also a chance you don't subscribe to our YouTube page which fuckin blows. We need the bodies in our corner bad. Don't make me get on my knees and suck some dick just do me a solid and subscribe to the page. 

Thank you and Go Bulls

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