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NFL Week 11 Round Up - AFC

Here's everything that happened in week 11 in the American Football Conference

Wilfredo Lee. Shutterstock Images.

Let's get things started with "The Great Lakes Classic". What, you didn't know that was a thing? Do you even watch football?

Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns -12.5
O/U 42.5

If you were in Cleveland for this, and didn't get your ass to The Cleveland (one of my top 5 favorite bars in the country), you failed.

Baker needs an intervention. 

Maybe throw his wife one too

Brown's defense is fading fast


Thank God for Nick Chubb-

The workhorse back ran for 130 yards on 22 carries. He also caught a touchdown pass from Baker Mayfield on a 5-yard bootleg throw that gave the Browns a 13-0 lead in the second quarter.

Sidebar - 

Told you the "Great Lakes Classic" was a thing. It even has its own trophy. The Lombardi Trophy can suck it.


Lions 10
Browns 13

San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars +6.5
O/U 45

Did anybody watch this game?

This was good


As I guy who picked the 49ers to go to the Super Bowl before this season started (takes a big man to admit that), I take solace in this


49ers 30
Jaguars 10

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills -7
O/U 49.5


Jonathan Taylor is a monster


And the man -


The guy finished with 185 rushing yards and four touchdowns and added a fifth score on a 23-yard pass.

Another rough one for Josh and the boys…

But I still love him

Colts 41
Bills 15


Miami Dolphins at New York Jets +3.5
O/U 44.5 


R.I.P. Mike White. Welcome back to the show Joe Flacco

Did you miss it?

Tua is looking more and more comfortable in the pocket

Jets fans are just frustrated powder kegs walking around


Dolphins 24
Jets 17

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans -10
O/U 44.5

This one fucked everybody's teaser.

We got a Tyrod Tayler sighting

Tyrod Taylor rushed six times for 28 yards and two touchdowns.

The real highlight from this game 


With the Texans defense generating five takeaways again, it marked the first time in franchise history the team forced five turnovers in consecutive weeks.

This season is so fucked.

Texans 22
Titans 13

Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders +1
O/U 50.5

First off, sup?

The Bengals shot out to an early lead

A+ TD celebration

It's never going to end. Don't ever break these two up.


Answer- yes.

Bengals 32
Raiders 13

Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs -2.5
O/U 56


Save some for the rest of us dude

This one was supposed to mark the official arrival of the Cowboys. Going into KC and showing they are legit.


Dallas' offense had fits all-day

KC not so much

** The Following is NSFW****

That's a swag surf if I've ever seen one

Cowboys 9
Chiefs 19

Dak did not take the L well

Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers -5
O/U 47.5

Hopefully, you weren't a fan of defense because there was zero of it in this one.

Except for on special teams

Look at the touch Big Ben put on this ball

Ekeler is such a stud

Ekeler caught and ran for two touchdowns apiece, amassed 115 all-purpose yards on just 17 touches.

This game was rudely interrupted by somebody tearing ass on a hot mic.

This league and its rules. What a farce.

This was the turning point

This games 4th qtr was a wild one-

In a crazy, back-and-fourth fourth quarter, Justin Herbert and the Chargers outlasted Ben Roethlisberger and the visiting Steelers 41-37. After watching their 17-point lead evaporate, Herbert responded by hitting Mike Williams for the game-winning, 53-yard touchdown pass with 2:17 left. Two sacks on Roethlisberger on Pittsburgh's last drive sealed the Chargers' sixth win of the season. 

Justin Herbert might be BACK

Steelers 37
Chargers 41

p.s. - is this a real thing?

AFC playoff picture after 11 weeks: 
1) Titans: 8-3 
2) Ravens: 7-3 
3) Patriots: 7-4 
4) Chiefs: 7-4 
5) Bengals: 6-4 
6) Chargers: 6-4 
7) Bills: 6-4 
Steelers: 5-4-1 
Colts: 6-5 
Browns: 6-5 
Raiders: 5-5 
Broncos: 5-5 
Dolphins: 4-7