Colt McCoy Is The True QB1 Of Seattle

What a goddamn stat that is. Sure it's cherrypicked like a motherfucker since Russell Wilson won a bunch of games at home last season while Geno Smith got the only Seahawks win in Seattle this year. But still, Colt McCoy being the only QB on the entire planet to win in front of the big bad 12s in 2021 and the cardboard cutouts of the 12s or whatever they did in Seattle during the upside down that was 2020 is about as preposterous as hearing Colt McCoy watched the entire Portnoy vs. Ponder feud play out at a New York restaurant.

I'm not sure what the future holds for Russell Wilson considering he was floating teams he would accept a trade to after the Seahawks made the playoffs last season. But if Russ leaves, I can think of a pretty solid replacement if Seattle is looking for another undersized QB that can make plays and stack W's if his team lets him.

I had this guy on my Giants for only one season but boy do I miss the shit out of him, no matter how many Mike Glennon neck jokes have been made since training camp. Shout out the Colt 45 Hype Group that has since become the Tone Zone after McCoy went to Arizona and the Giants drafted Kadarius Toney.

P.S. I'm throwing this very not fun fact back onto the blog since I was just reminded of it. If I have to know Texas legend Colt McCoy is actually Dan from New Mexico, you do too.