The Jackson Mahomes Curse?

One of Barstool's best investigative journalists, Quigs, has been doing an amazing job figuring out if there is a direct correlation between Jackson Mahomes attendance and how well Patrick has been playing. 

For the past couple of weeks, it has been theorized that there is beef between the brothers. Much of it comes from this "weak ass dap" that took place between the two of them before the game.

Our fearless investigative journalist Quigs has exhausted all resources in order to determine whether Jackson is at the game. 

Even when he ended up posting a tik tok from his account indicating he may be at the game, it was quickly determined to just be a retweet of a previous tik tok. 

Makes it even weirder that he is pretending to be there and posting as if he is there. 

Look if he was just his brother not looking for the limelight no one would look to give the guy a hard time. But he openly is looking to build a large social media following and is going to garner scrutiny. His brother has also been performing a lot better at the games he does not attend. 

The question remains, is Jackson still alive? What is going on? Is he being held hostage somewhere and someone posting in his place? A ton of questions, all we know is Patrick is playing well when his brother is not in attendance.