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Top 3 Fantasy QB Jalen Hurts Shoved My Awful Take Down The Saints Throat

Before the season, I said Jalen Hurts was not a Top 20 fantasy Quarterback on the Fantasy Football Factory Pod. 

Despite his obvious rushing skills, I believed he was not an NFL passer and would not succeed. I caught a ton of heat from Eagles fans at the time and brushed it off. 

Fast forward to Sunday. The Eagles spanked the Saints 40-29 behind Hurts 3 rushing TDs. The Eagles gashed the Saints #1 Run Defense for a whopping 242 yards. 

After a slow 2-5 start, Eagles coach Nick Siriani has rebuilt the Eagles offense behind Hurts mobility. I am honestly not sure what the hell they were thinking early in the season using him as a drop back passer?!?!

All of a sudden the Eagles are 5-6 and in the thick of NFC Wild Card race. Jalen Hurts is currently a Top 3 fantasy QB with 21 total TDs including 8 rushing. 

And I have egg all over my face and the Egg Bowl is not til Thursday…..