Not Only Did The Titans Not Show Up And Lay A Massive Egg Vs The Texans, They Let Down Tommy Smokes.

The Texans? The fucking Texans? The Titans just ran through the gauntlet of the Bills, Chiefs, Colts, Rams, and Saints, ran WILD through them going 5-0 in that time. The lifeless Texans come into a rainy Nashville on the day they're honoring their former GM Floyd Reece and Jeff Fisher. Titans were favored HUGE on the Barstool Sportsbook and had won 6 in a row vs a team that has shown 0 life since week 1, no brainer to pick them. Until the Titans absolutely sleepwalked through the entire game. The Titans had the advantage in plays (79-62), barley had an advantage in time of possession (30:22-29:38), KILLED THEM in yards (420-190), first downs (26-15) but got killed in turnovers (5-0). You turn the ball over 5 times you don’t deserve to win, especially a team like Houston. This was easily Ryan Tannehill's worst game of his Titans career. 

35-52 with 323 yards, a touchdown and 4 picks. The Titans also had a turnover on special teams and couldn't stop this high powered Texans offense in the first half. It was gross, really gross. They're good for one of these letdowns a year, I thought he had it earlier with the Jets game but here we are. 2 of their 3 losses coming at the hands of the Jets and Texans, say what you want about Vrabel getting his guys up for big games, they lay stinkers like this against teams they should way too much. It's very clear this offense isn't running like it should. We knew that would happen when Derrick Henry went out, but take away Julio Jones too, AJ Brown for chunks of the game too, they look lost at times. They can't get ANYTHING going with the run game, nothing. Whatever excitement Adrian Peterson had coming into his Titans career is done, he's constantly stuffed in the backfield, can't break anything and doesn't scare a soul. Numbets show they ran for 101 yards and averaged 4.1 yards a carry, but when they needed it on 4th and short they couldn't do anything. 

The vaunted defense that shut down the Rams, limited the Chiefs, stonewalled the Bills could not stop Tyrod Taylor early. He ran for 2 scores and kind of carved them up when he wanted to. The Texans hadn't scored a road touchdown since week 2, they found the end zone a few times today. Even when the Titans seemed to find something in the second half, but the Texans just wanted it more. Every time the Titans needed a stop, the Texans had an answer. When the Titans needed a conversion, the Texans had an answer. Give 'em credit, this looks like the Titans were overlooking the Texans and they capitalized. This was a team that wasn't ready to play and showed it with a gross performance in some terrible rain. For all the talk about the offensive line and "run the ball left", they couldn't do a damn thing. It's now 3 games in a row where the run game has produced nothing. Teams aren't scared of this run game. And that leads me to my final point, they let down Tommy Smokes in a HUGE way. 

Tommy and I talked about this after I saw his tweet and I thought he was going to hit this easy. D'Onta Foreman was a hot name on waiver wires in Fantasy and with the lack of juice AP has shown I thought Foreman would get his share of touches. Tommy had him going for 3 touchdowns today, well that didn't happen. Instead Foreman had 7 carries for 25 yards and added 1 catch for 15 yards. DIdn't even come close to the end zone. When you fall behind TO THE TEXANS all first half you can't exactly do what you want, and that is run the football. It was very clear early on Tommy's Foreman epiphany wasn't going to happen. I apologized to him because my guys let him down. Vrabel owes Tommy an apology, the entire team owes Tommy an apology. He had a clear vision of how the Titans should beat a 1-win team, and they let him down. 2 weeks in a row they've let down Tommy, I don't like Tommy having bad juju against my team. 

They're still 8-3 and tops in the AFC, but next weeks matchup vs the Patriots just got that much bigger. New England coming off a great performance on Thursday night with 10 days off vs a Titans team that got pushed around and bullied by the HOUSTON TEXANS. Pray the offense finds some sort of running game, anything. It would be poetic justice for Foreman to have a huge game next week just to spite Tommy.