Jaden Ivey Whips Ass At Basketball And Is Too Damn Cool For Purdue

I spent the early portion of my Sunday afternoon sitting in a recliner watching Purdue/Villanova. It was glorious. Mostly because I was proven right and being right is the most important thing in the world. But also because that game was awesome. It's the perfect November college basketball game. Few people watched it, it was close, it will be talked about in March. We'll look back and be like oh yeah remember that? Sort of like the Dayton/Kansas Maui Invitational game that was at 5pm because the dumbest thing we did was stop having the Maui title game at 11pm. 

But back to Purdue. Jaden Ivey whips ass. He's also too damn cool for Purdue. Close your eyes and think of Purdue basketball. You most likely think of Robbie Hummel and Scott Martin and Isaac Haas and AJ Hammonds and Matt Haarms. Dudes that were all made in some western Indiana lab. I'm convinced of it. Now I know Carsen Edwards was cool, but he really took over because of March. Jaden Ivey is a top-10 NBA Draft prospect. Jaden Ivey is going to be an All-American. He's too damn cool for a place that once did this. 

Now I want to speak about this game and these teams for a second. The last 6ish minutes or so really exposed Nova and proved why I gave out Purdue as my favorite future bet at 15/1 in the preseason. For Nova, they don't have depth. I know Antoine is hurt, but you need to find a 7th guy desperately. You can't ask 4 guys to play 38 minutes and have 2 wings try to bang in the post with Williams and Edey. All that while relying on a spaced out offense, predicated on driving and shooting. We saw it bite them in the ass against UCLA and again here. As for Purdue? 

It was a little bit of everything. They used Ivey, they used Williams, they used Edey and they used Thompson. Look at this play, which really sealed it. 

It was a perfect play. It was a perfect close. Painter started rotating Edey and Williams on offense/defense because Nova was putting Edey in Spain PnR and just killing him with threes. But then they missed a couple and Ivey took over. The block and pass for a three was just that. And then Edey finished it off. 

There's no doubt Purdue is one of the three best teams in the country right now. Hell, you could make a case they are the best team in the country. I'd listen. Trevion Williams was an All-Big 10 player and a potential All-American. He's coming OFF the bench. Jaden Ivey has turned into the star everyone thought. They can shoot, they can play in the paint. It's unreal. It's also just going to take an adjustment for Purdue to be cool. But that's where we are.