Dan Mullen Is OUT as Florida’s Head Coach

Holy shit, it actually happened. Saturday’s 24-23 OT loss to Missouri was apparently enough for Florida to fire Dan Mullen after the Gators dropped to 5-6 in his fourth season.

It seemed like this might happen for the last few weeks as Florida’s play noticeably declined, but it simultaneously felt just as unlikely UF would get rid of a coach who had it in the College Football Playoff discussion into December last year. And that’s not even to mention going up against the likes of LSU and USC in the coaching carousel this year.

But man, what a fall from grace. When Mullen arrived in Gainesville, it was heralded as the hire that was going to have the Gators back in the SEC and national title pictures — and for a while, it seemed like that was true. Then it all came crashing down this season.

Now the question becomes where Florida ranks as a job, particularly in relation to those other two I mentioned. Is a move to the more winnable SEC East enough to pull Lane Kiffin away from Ole Miss? Could an Urban Meyer reunion potentially be in the works?

Regardless of who fills the open Power Five jobs, you can bet things are going to get insane. Plenty of coaches around the country will be getting raises in the coming weeks.