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I Reeeeeeeeally Wish I Knew Cam Newton Was Getting The "I'm Coming Home" Treatment From The Panthers Before Today's Game

How the fuck does nobody on the Carolina Panthers beat let the betting world know that the team was going to unleash an I'm Coming Home video for Cam's game back at Bank Of America Stadium? My goosebumps have goosebumps after seeing that. 

There are very few times I feel great about responsibly betting my hard earned blogger money on a team on the Barstool Sportsbook. Wagering on a college team that just had a beloved mascot die. Betting against an NFL team with a player who just appeared on the Manningcast. And most of all, wagering on a star who just had an I'm Coming Home video play for him as he returned to some friendly confines. 

Any juice that a Ron Rivera Revenge Game completely evaporated once Skylar Grey's golden pipes welcomed Cam back to Carolina, which will power him like the golden sun powers Superman. And wouldn't you know it, look what happened on the first drive before I could even hit Publish on this blog.

It was always Panthers -3.