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The Jazz/Kings Game Had A Delay Because An *Allegedly* Drunk Ass Fan Yakked On The Court

I say allegedly for legal reasons only. This dude is a little brother visiting his older brother at college for the first time. Hey, we've all been there. It's a Saturday, you try to get after it. You try to play catch up. Maybe you hear you friends had a couple tall boys Natty Ice's and you're sitting there with a silly 6-pack. You know better. You know the deal. You can't expect to be the same level as the friends. The difference here if you're sitting front row. You're all over the news. Get your shit together. You need to learn to handle the spotlight. You can't be barfing all over. Somehow the worst part was this was in the 4th quarter! If you yak, yak early. Give yourself a night out. You can't be yakking with this little time left. Have some pride. If we're guessing? This dude went to UC Davis but talks like he went to UCLA. 100% confident in that. 

Have some pride and swallow that throw up. You're not on Lowering the Bar. You can make it a few more minutes. Might be peak Kings though. What other fanbase would have someone throw up here? None. All the big names figure it out. Throwing up isn't even fun. Just be an adult and keep it in and feel terrible the next day. At the same time, you should be allowed to yak behind the bucket for a distraction BASEketball style. Other than that? Get your shit together.