We've Got A Venezuelan Baseball League Fight With Willians Astudillo Sucker Punching The Pitcher

Winter Ball down south is REALLY heating up. We've got another brawl but this time it's from the Venezuelan Baseball league and features former Twins legend Willians Astudillo sucker punching the pitcher. The batter for el Caribes was plunked right in the side, seemed intentional but who knows. Not the best place to get hit, but at least it wasn't above the shoulders. He plunks him and the batter isn't happy with it. He starts screaming back at the mound right away, the pitcher doesn't seem too worried, he's trying to get another ball and keep the game moving. That is when the dugout for el Caribes empties out and it falls apart from there. Something pops off at the mound and we are off. Punches are thrown and then it's a full on brawl. You can't say this was just baseball players standing around holding each other back, they were throwing fists. 

This angle shows the ugly part of the fight where Willians Astudillo, former cult legend with the Twins, delivers quite a sucker punch to the pitcher. Someone comes at the pitcher from the left side and he is distracted, that is when Astudillo comes in and smokes him. He never saw him coming, stood no chance. He drops immediately. A pretty shitty move from Astudillo if you ask me. He was literally DFA'd like 3 days ago and is already there, he's new on the team. How could he have this much hate for the pitcher to come out and sucker punch him like that? Bitch move. Another bitch move came from Tomas Telis who kicks the pitcher while he's down. From there it's all a blur and its just punches and pushing. I don't know what prompted the plunking but it seemed like the offense did not appreciate to too much and took matters into their own hands. 100% a punk move to throw a punch when the pitcher isn't looking and to kick him on the ground. Ugly scene here for sure.